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Technical Education

Technical Education

Education and skills training can break the cycle of poverty and open doors to brighter futures. The Aleem Dar Foundation is committed to empowering the labor class through educational programs and vocational training. By equipping individuals with valuable skills, we strive to enhance their employability, create job opportunities, and promote sustainable economic growth.

The foundation aims to generate long-lasting possibilities for a better future by bridging the knowledge and job gaps. Aleem Dar foundation ensures the provision of jobs to all those who are stable enough to work, but don’t do so due to lack of employment. This technical education program aims to emancipate people from the shackles of poverty, and empower them enough to make both ends meet.

The foundation aims to start from the basics, so people know where to get themselves a kickstarter. The aim is to begin with long-lasting and forever-in-demand skills’ education and training. A few of such skills are carpentry, stitching, and plumbing etcetera. Young boys will benefit a lot from this skill-based education system. They will get opportunities to be self- dependent, and be financially stable. They would not only better their lives, but also the lives of those connected to them. Men can also enroll in these free technical educational programs and bear the responsibility of their families in a better way.

This skill-based education program will not only benefit men, but also women (especially stitching). Mothers, sisters, wives, and all other feminine figures who might not be allowed to step out for working will be enabled to work within the confinements of their homes. Similarly, men could start earning after having apt knowledge about certain in-demand skills.

These skills would be taught to all those who want to learn something resourceful, and strive to make their lives better- all at the cost of nothing.