Our Causes


Tecnical Education

By bridging the gap between education and employment, The Aleem Dar Foundation seeks to create sustainable opportunities for a brighter future of the childrens of poors who can’t affords the expensive education. Through educational programs and vocational training initiatives, The Aleem Dar Foundation aims to equip individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds with the knowledge and skills necessary for better job prospects and improved livelihoods.


Free Ambulance

The Aleem Dar Foundation operates a free ambulance service, ensuring immediate and reliable medical assistance to those in urgent need. With a dedicated team of trained professionals and well-equipped vehicles, The Aleem Dar Foundation is committed to saving lives and providing timely healthcare support. Whether it’s a medical emergency, accident, or any critical situation, the free ambulance service stands ready to serve the community.

Medical and Heart


A genetic condition that affects the production of either alpha or beta globin chains, the building blocks of hemoglobin. The only way we can help people against thalassemia is by proper genetic screening before getting married, and family planning. Aleem Dar Foundation is striving hard to make jurisdictional changes in the agreement of marriage for being tested before getting married, and providing blood donations to those in desperate need of it.

Join Us

Join Us To Help Channelling Aid

As we work together to improve the lives of those in need, join the Aleem Dar Foundation. Together, let’s create a more compassionate and just society and support the #umpirescallforhumanity movement.